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Rent a Hero Translation for Sega Mega Drive

A fully playable translation of Rent a Hero has been released last month. Let’s transfer it to a Mega Drive cartridge using this tutorial.

First you need a cheap donor cartridge with SRAM memory, e.g. World Cup USA ’94, and remove the mask ROM. If the battery cell is empty remove it too:
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Atari Jaguar Mouse Adapter

Although there are still a couple of unfinished projects lying around, at least I want to finish this adapter before the end of the year. This is a list of things needed:

Instead of D-Sub15 connector I used a gender changer (male-male), it fits nicely in the housing of the D-Sub9 connector.

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Neo Geo X Jailbreak Hack

Five months after the v500/v500a firmware removed all homebrew capabilities, while SNK Playmore and Tommo are busy arguing about the contract they once made, finally a jailbreak hack has been released. On the Facebook page Neogeoxjailbreakhack you’ll find links to the hacked image (based on the v500a firmware), instructions and sample content for a SD card with settings for many emulated consoles and arcade systems.
Systems supported so far: Nintendo Famicom/NES, Super Famicom/SNES, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy/Game Boy Color, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Master System/Game Gear, Atari 2600, Capcom CPS1/CPS2, Sony PlayStation, SNK Neo Geo.

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Philips CD-i Player Null-Modem Cable for Data Backup and Restore

Before messing with the timekeeper chip or exchanging the battery it is very important to backup game saves you don’t want to lose from the NVRAM. With a null-modem cable hooked up to a PC there are two options to communicate with the CD-i player:

To build a cable we need a standard serial extension cable and a male 8-pin Mini-DIN connector. Remove the male D-Sub connector and keep it for later (we need it for the Atari Jaguar mouse adapter).

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60 Hz Modification Tutorial for Philips CD-i Player CDI 220

When looking for a modification to improve the video size/quality of DVC games on my PAL CD-i player I’ve found that two tutorials only are covering that kind of modification (here / here and here). The modification enables PAL player to display full screen video without the black bars on top and bottom. NTSC players benefit from this modification too as there are PAL exclusive software titles that already have full screen video (e.g. De Zaak van Sam) – without the modification parts of the screen are cut off.

Unfortunately the mainboard of my CD-i 220 differs to those used in the tutorials, so I had to get a service manual to figure it out myself. The service manual I found is valid for the Philips CD-i players CDI 220/20 220/25 220/39 (PAL) and CDI 220/31 220/37 (NTSC). It says there is an unimplemented connector 1201 in square C6 of the mainboard:

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X-Card for Neo Geo X

Today I received a X-Card GOLD Pack by Neslou. The X-Card is a fool proof solution to play custom content on a Neo Geo X. This is what I got:

X-Card GOLD Pack

A Neo Geo Pocket game case containing the X-Card, a 4GB microSDHC card with adapter, an USB reader, four stickers and a signed note.

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