Cheats for Lucienne’s Quest (3DO)

The 3DO game Lucienne’s Quest is the Western release of the JRPG Sword & Sorcery. It has an interesting storyline and very funny dialogues. Read a full review at Hardcore Gaming 101.
The game makes heavy use of random enemy encounters. If you want to enjoy the story without being disturbed constantly, there are some cheats to ease the experience. To enable the cheats, you’ll need the Game Guru disc with the advanced interface (apply the code IHAVETHEPOWER on the file GameGuru.CFG).

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A New Battery for the Sega CD BackUp RAM Cart

Now that I have an extra backup of my Mega-CD save files on the Sega CD Ultra Backup RAM cart, I can replace the battery of my old CD BackUp RAM Cart without worrying about data loss.
It is possible to do an open-heart surgery to prevent the memory from being erased and replace the battery while the Mega-CD is turned on. I went for that procedure to avoid having to copy all files from one cart to another again.

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Power Base FM

The second cart from Canada is the Power Base FM, also known as Power Base Mini FM. It is an attempt to enable FM sound for selected Master System games on a Mega Drive without modifying the console. This cart is somewhat hard to obtain, it’s now sold out in all stores.

On the next pictures you can see why it is called “mini”: It is much smaller than the official Sega Power Base Converters. It fits in a regular Mega Drive cart, but you have to cut holes in the top for the connector and the front right for the Pause button. The JTAG connector isn’t necessary and was added just for fun. Sonic is still looking at you because there is no label available – the only one I’ve found is from Stone Age Gamer and kind of ugly.

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Sega CD Ultra Backup RAM

Two carts from Canada: Sega CD Ultra Backup RAM and Power Base FM

Sega CD Ultra Backup RAM & Power Base FM
Sega CD Ultra Backup RAM & Power Base FM

The cart on the right-hand side is a new backup RAM cart for Mega-CD with 8189 blocks of memory. That’s four times as much memory as the original Sega Backup RAM Cart has available for storage (2045 blocks). I’ve bought a used Sega cart in 2003 and am glad that the battery is still good – it’s only a matter of time until it loses its charge and my save files.

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