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Sega Saturn

3RADD – The 3-D Sound For Video Games And PCs

An unusual SegaSaturn accessory: The 3RADD – A sound enhancer with SRS psychoacoustic technology, read a review on this japanese blog. A scan of the manual.
The effect with audio sources is quite nice, it boosts the sound and positions it around your head. The technology is used in all kinds of devices and software, e.g. the Windows Media Player (SRS WOW).

The imprint on the PCB reveals that this is actually the Game Gizmo 3D (or 3-D) by Calypso Micro Products. This is what a found with the new information:
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Printing Fun-Fun with Sega Pri Fun

Today, I’m finally testing the Sega Pri Fun printer that I bought 4-5 years ago. Back then, it was still sealed.
The printer was marketed by Sega in 1995 as an add-on for the Pico and Saturn game consoles. You won’t find much information about it on the WWW except a small article at Sega Retro and a commercial on YouTube.

Sega Pri Fun 01
Sega Pri Fun 01

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Sega Mission Stick – Continued

While removing the throttle wheel from the stick unit I noticed two small plastic rings connected by a spring jumping away. It took me quite some time to figure out the correct position when assembling the stick. In case you encounter this problem too, this is how the rings have to sit on the throttle wheel:

Throttle wheel

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Sega Mission Stick / Analog Mission Stick

The next Saturn peripheral on my list is the Sega Mission Stick.
This is the black US model MK-80104:

Sega Mission Stick

It has been used before but is still in a very good shape. Unfortunately it smells rather strange. Better take it apart to give it a good cleaning.

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SegaSaturn Twin-Stick

Even though I am collecting as many different SegaSaturn peripherals as I can find, I successfully avoided the Twin-Stick until last week. Mainly because of it’s huge size and small library of supported games. Well, here it is:

SegaSaturn Twin-Stick

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