Capcom CPS2 Digital AV Interface Firmware v0.91

Capcom CPS2 Digital AV Interface Firmware v0.91

Last weekend, marqs released firmware v0.91 for the CPS2 Digital AV Interface. The new firmware finally has an OSD implemented and brings back the scanlines. Further features include TX mode, quad stereo output and two additional VESA resolutions (1280×1024 and 1600×1200). You can find all functions and some explanations among the OSD menu structure and the sample pictures below.

CPS2 Digital AV Interface Firmware v0.91
CPS2 Digital AV Interface Firmware v0.91

Updating the firmware takes less than a minute and is basically the same procedure as updating an OSSC via JTAG. I’ve explained the procedure in this article.


The OSD is enabled by holding the Volume – button for 1,5 seconds.

While the OSD is enabled, Volume – goes to the next option and Volume + changes the value or confirms the option.

  • Output mode
    • 240p_CRT
    • 480p_CRT (Line2x)
    • 1280×720 (Line3x)
    • 1280×1024 (Line4x)
    • 1920×1080 (Line4x)
    • 1920×1080 (Line5x) [default]
    • 1600×1200 (Line5x)
    • 1920×1200 (Line5x)
    • 1920×1440
      (I can’t see the first and last resolution on my TV, so my guess is that they have Line1x and Line6x appended)
  • 1080p L5x Y-offset
    • 0 – 8 [default 4]
  • Scanlines
    • Off [default]
    • Horizontal
    • H+V
  • Sl. method
    • Multiplication [default]
    • Subtraction
  • Sl. strenth
    • 0 – 15 [default 4]
  • Quad stereo
    • Off [default]
    • On (4.0)
    • On (5.1)
    • On (7.1)
  • TX mode
    • HDMI (RGB Full) [default]
    • HDMI (RGB Limited)
    • HDMI (YCbCr444)
    • DVI
  • <Save settings>
    • Done
  • <Reset settings>
    • Done
  • <Firmware info>
    • v0.91 @ Oct 17 2020
  • <Exit menu>

Sample pictures

After updating the firmware, I recorded samples of the new OSD options with an Avermedia Game Capture HD II.

Output mode

From the the 9 output modes available, I was only able to record the three 1080p and 720p resolutions.

1080p L5x Y-offset

This changes the vertical offset of the 1920×1080 (Line5x) mode. Pictures of all 9 offsets have already been recorded last year.


These are samples of different scanline modes, methods and strengths. While method and strength can only be set in the OSD, the mode can also be toggled without OSD (hold the Volume + button for 1,5 seconds).

TX mode

The TX mode needs to match the capabilities of the display device. This is how my capture device sees them – they can look entirely different on your display device, incl. wrong colours (last two pictures).

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