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Neo Geo CD Controller Pro Ball Top

When I made my MV2FS ready for home-use, I also added a ball top to my Neo Geo CD Controller Pro. This was supposed to be handled in an article in 2018, but it somehow got lost. Anyways, here it is:

The SNK Neo Geo CD Controller Pro (aka kidney bean stick) doesn’t have a regular ball top like the arcade stick. Instead, it has an indented head, probably to rest your thumb on.

SNK Neo Geo CD Controller Pro
SNK Neo Geo CD Controller Pro
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Neo Geo MV1FZS 5V and Stereo Mod

When I finally fixed my consolized MV1FZS last month and was able to play some games again, I noticed that it outputs mono sound only. It is now time to make some additional modifications to it.

5V Mod

MVS boards need both 5V and 12V voltages, and 12V is used for the audio amp only. As I’m going to add a new stereo audio circuit, there is no need for the 12V feed anymore. This consolized MVS draws the 12V from the now obsolete XL6009E1 DC-DC converter:

XL6009E1 DC-DC converter
XL6009E1 DC-DC converter

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Neo Geo MV1FZS Battery and Backup RAM Error Fix

After having a great time with my MV2FS, I was looking for something more compact that I could use in the living room. I came across a pre-consolized MV1FZS and played the entire Neo Geo library with it.

Consolized MV1FZS
Consolized MV1FZS

Then it suddenly stopped working:
00D00000 5555 B255
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Neo Geo MV2FS at Home

Neo Geo games and hardware have been a part of my life for many years. As I was looking at store displays during the early 90s, I was amazed at how huge these game carts were in comparison with other consoles, such as the Nintendo GameBoy.

In the late 90s, the emulators NeoRAGE and NeoRAGEx introduced me to the world of Neo Geo and arcade emulation. At that time, MAME didn’t yet have the capacity to emulate those games properly and at a decent speed. Later on, when MAME finally became a useable Neo Geo emulator, it became quite easy to add new released games and dumps to the source code, and play them as well.
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WS Flash Masta and Neo Pocket FlashMasta / LinkMasta

Two days ago Flavor of flashmasta.com anounced the pre-presale of a new WonderSwan flash cart: The WS Flash Masta.
For all Bandai WonderSwan owners this is exiting news as the flash/development carts for this system are very rare and expensive (e.g. the official WonderWitch or the WonderMagic Color).

To give you an idea what we can expect I’ll show you some carts he has made for the Neo Geo Pocket Color:
First there was the Neo Pocket FlashMasta and the Neo Pocket LinkMasta. I’ve used the Blue Version of the LinkMasta since 2011 and bought a new red 3D printed case for it last year.

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Neo Geo X Jailbreak Hack

Five months after the v500/v500a firmware removed all homebrew capabilities, while SNK Playmore and Tommo are busy arguing about the contract they once made, finally a jailbreak hack has been released. On the Facebook page Neogeoxjailbreakhack you’ll find links to the hacked image (based on the v500a firmware), instructions and sample content for a SD card with settings for many emulated consoles and arcade systems.
Systems supported so far: Nintendo Famicom/NES, Super Famicom/SNES, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy/Game Boy Color, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Master System/Game Gear, Atari 2600, Capcom CPS1/CPS2, Sony PlayStation, SNK Neo Geo.

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