Bandai Datach Joint ROM System

Bandai Datach Barcodes for MESS

The Bandai Datach Joint ROM System is now emulated in MESS SVN and accepts scanned barcodes. For details have a look at etabeta’s playground.

These are the 40 cards (unsorted) for the first Datach game, Dragon Ball Z: Gekitō Tenkaichi Budokai. The barcodes (EAN-13) have been read with Bytescout BarCode Reader and can be used with the MESS emulator. I haven’t verified the codes yet. If you find any mistakes then please let me know.

DBZ cards 1-9 DBZ cards 1-9

0020242205254 ./. ./.
0000210303212 0022248300117 0022738106373
0020850515295 0088640910255 ./.

DBZ cards 10-18 DBZ cards 10-18

./. 0062982144233 0088302101212
0048734105257 0000636053258 0002852100013
0088658921113 0000616107230 0068400144373

DBZ cards 19-27 DBZ cards 19-27

./. 0040416100376 0044444185152
0122815544019 0062446208037 0004732055154
0120215307258 0040600205054 0020502044333

DBZ cards 28-36 DBZ cards 28-36

0162747144253 0120637202254 0162347145254
0120631203219 0140643200013 0120675202216
0140601201052 0162453544057 0140645200059

DBZ cards 37-40 DBZ cards 37-40

0162413545018 0162415545016
0162741145218 0120671203255

6 thoughts on “Bandai Datach Barcodes for MESS”

  1. Thank you.
    I wonder why SS Goku’s card got no number.
    Based on the type of the cards, it seems this game has some kind of system more than fighting. Haven’t find anything in the game tho.
    Do you happen to know what the last four cards do?

    1. It’s probably similar to the Barcode Battler and let’s you use bar codes that you’ve found on products. There is a section in the manual that explains on where to place a bar code on the card. I’ll scan and partially translate the manual, if I ever have the time for that…

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