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Terraonion MegaSD Cartridge

This has just arrived yesterday: The Terraonion MegaSD Cartridge. The makers are known for quality products like the NeoSD and the Super SD System 3. Their recent move of the office from Spain to Andorra has stirred some controversy and caused over-the-top reactions from some buyers. I didn’t experience any trouble and my cartridge arrived safely within a few days. This is what I got:

Terraonion MegaSD box
Terraonion MegaSD box
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Sega Saturn Electronic Book Operator

The Sega Saturn Electronic Book Operator (also known as Sega Saturn Denshi Book Operator / HSS-0120) software allows the Sega Saturn to play back the CD-ROM e-book formats EB, EBG and EBXA.

Sega Saturn Electronic Book Operator
Sega Saturn Electronic Book Operator
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Sega Pico Pen Repair

When I bought a second-hand Sega Pico in 2015, I immediatly noticed that something must be wrong with it. I didn’t expect a lot of interactivity or gameplay, but at least it should let me draw something. It turned out that the pen was registering the position/movement and also made a clicking noise when pressed down, but nothing else happened. The error was quickly found and repaired (broken micro switch), but the photos have been waiting on my hard drive ever since. A short repair instruction was posted on the ASSEMblergames board in the following year, so I didn’t see the need to rush out an article. Well, here we go:

The label of the pen is missing and it seems that somebody tried to open it up before me:

Sega Pico pen
Sega Pico pen
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Sega Pico Flash Cart – For Real

The times are over, when I had to hunt down and modify Sega Pico game cartridges that had been assembled in Mexico. This has just arrived from TeamEurope: Parts to build a real Sega Pico flash cart and more.

Sega Pico flash cart / adapter kits
Sega Pico flash cart / adapter kits
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Sega Dreamcast Karaoke

The Dreamcast Karaoke is probably the most useless Sega add-on. It serves no other purpose than to accompany the Sega Kara software, which is useless as well.

Back in the days you were able to download and sing thousands of songs, then in 2006 the servers were shut down for good.
Without the servers there are no songs – you can still connect microphones to the Dreamcast and listen to your voice with Sega Kara, change the volume and add effects, but that’s about it.

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Sega Dreamcast GDEMU SD Card Tray

Last year I replaced the broken GD-ROM of my Sega Dreamcast with a GDEMU. While it works great and does everything as it is supposed to do, there is a large open space where SD cards tend to get lost:

Sega Dreamcast GDEMU 06

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Two Donor Carts for Sega Pico Flash

Found two more donor carts for use in a Sega Pico flash cart:
The Lion King: Adventures at Pride Rock and Magic Crayons, both “Assembled in Mexico”.

Sega Pico Donor Carts
Sega Pico Donor Carts

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3RADD – The 3-D Sound For Video Games And PCs

An unusual SegaSaturn accessory: The 3RADD – A sound enhancer with SRS psychoacoustic technology, read a review on this japanese blog. A scan of the manual.
The effect with audio sources is quite nice, it boosts the sound and positions it around your head. The technology is used in all kinds of devices and software, e.g. the Windows Media Player (SRS WOW).

The imprint on the PCB reveals that this is actually the Game Gizmo 3D (or 3-D) by Calypso Micro Products. This is what a found with the new information:
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A new battery for the Sega CD BackUp RAM Cart

Now that I have an extra backup of my Mega-CD save files on the Sega CD Ultra Backup RAM cart I can replace the battery of my the old CD BackUp RAM Cart without worrying about data loss.
It is possible to do an open heart surgery to prevent the memory from being erased and replace the battery while the Mega-CD is turned on . I went for that procedure to avoid having to copy all files from one cart to another again.
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Power Base FM

The second cart from Canada is the Power Base FM, also known as Power Base Mini FM. It is a mod-less attempt on enabling FM sound for selected Master System games on a Mega Drive. This cart is somewhat hard to obtain, it’s sold out in all stores but this one.

On the next pictures you can see why it is called “mini”, its much smaller than the official Sega Power Base Converters. It fits in a regular Mega Drive cart, you have to cut holes in the top for the connector and the front right for the Pause button though. The JTAG connector isn’t necessary and was added just for fun. Sonic is still looking at you because there is no label available – the only one I’ve found is from Stone Age Gamer and kinda ugly.
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