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Sega Master System

Terraonion MegaSD Cartridge

This has just arrived yesterday: The Terraonion MegaSD Cartridge. The makers are known for quality products like the NeoSD and the Super SD System 3. Their recent move of the office from Spain to Andorra has stirred some controversy and caused over-the-top reactions from some buyers. I didn’t experience any trouble and my cartridge arrived safely within a few days. This is what I got:

Terraonion MegaSD box
Terraonion MegaSD box
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Power Base FM

The second cart from Canada is the Power Base FM, also known as Power Base Mini FM. It is an attempt to enable FM sound for selected Master System games on a Mega Drive without modifying the console. This cart is somewhat hard to obtain, it’s now sold out in all stores.

On the next pictures you can see why it is called “mini”: It is much smaller than the official Sega Power Base Converters. It fits in a regular Mega Drive cart, but you have to cut holes in the top for the connector and the front right for the Pause button. The JTAG connector isn’t necessary and was added just for fun. Sonic is still looking at you because there is no label available – the only one I’ve found is from Stone Age Gamer and kind of ugly.

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