Nintendo e-Reader 6PIN Protection Cover and Urban Champion

AGB-016 6PIN Protection CoverToday I got two additions for my Nintendo e-Reader collection:

The first one is a small piece of plastic, known as AGB-016 or 6PIN Protection Cover. It is still being sold in AGB-016 6PIN Protection Coverthe Nintendo Online Shop and protects the Game Boy Advance SP screen when an e-Reader+ or an e-Reader with a link cable port is plugged in. Actually it is a very useful little accessory with the only drawback being it has to be fixed permanently on the e-Reader. The e-Reader then won’t fit anymore in the original Game Boy Advance.

This is how the e-Reader looks without and with protection cover:
e-Reader without protection
   e-Reader with protection

And attached to a GBA SP:
GBA SP and e-Reader

The second addition is the old NES game Urban Champion on e-Reader cards. It isn’t a very good game though…

Urban Champion Urban Champion

The contents of the package:
Urban Champion e-Reader cards

On the back of the cards the game is stored in nine data strips. The remaining space is used for instructions:Urban Champion e-Reader cards

I keep all my e-Reader cards in an Ultra Pro Collectors Album, also some Datach cards on the next page can be seen:
Ultra Pro Collectors Album

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