Bandai Datach retail package

Datach Joint ROM System

The Bandai Datach Joint ROM System is an add-on for the Nintendo Famicom. It plugs right into the cartridge slot and comes with its own small cartridges. The games are enhanced with barcode cards, similar to the Mattel HyperScan.
The retail package with one included game, Dragon Ball Z: Gekitō Tenkaichi Budokai, is rather easy and cheap to obtain.

Bandai Datach Joint ROM System

Additional games are very rare and even rarer and pricier when the corresponding barcode cards are included. I’ve seen some bootlegs of those games on regular Famicom carts but never tried them so far. Update: Pirate Dragon Ball Z Famicom Cartridge.

This is the rear of the Datach with the chamber for the small carts. There is a lock mechanism: as soon as you connect the Datach to the Famicom, the two pins will be pushed upwards and lock the small cart.

Datach rear

To open the Datach, the label must be sacrificed because two screws are underneath it.

Datach opened    Datach PCB

A close-up on the rear of the PCB. The three wires lead to the barcode reader.

Datach PCB rear    Datach barcode reader

This is the barcode reader in detail:

Datach barcode reader    Datach barcode reader PCB

Datach fits on all Famicoms, including the Sharp Twin Famicom:

Datach with Dragon Ball Z on Sharp Twin Famicom
Datach with Dragon Ball Z on Sharp Twin Famicom

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