Ultraman Club: Spokon Fight!!

Bandai Datach Ultraman Club: Spokon Fight!! Barcodes for MAME

Five years ago, I bought my second game for the Bandai Datach: Ultraman Club: Spokon Fight!! (ウルトラマン倶楽部 スポ根ファイト!!). Also five years ago, it became possible to play the Bandai Datach games in MESS and make use of scanned barcodes.

In the meantime, MESS became MAME, and it is still possible to play these games (for instructions see below). It’s time for another batch of scanned cards.

Barcode cards

These are the 40 cards (unsorted) for the second Datach game, Ultraman Club: Spokon Fight!!. The barcodes (EAN-13) have been read with Bytescout BarCode Reader and can be used with MAME. I have tried some of the codes, but not all of them. If you find any mistakes, then please let me know.


Use in MAME

The game can be launched with this command:
mame64.exe nes -cart datach -cart2 dtc_ultr

Skip the start screen and some scenes.

Ultraman Club: Spokon Fight!!
Ultraman Club: Spokon Fight!!
Ultraman Club: Spokon Fight!!

This is where the game expects some cards to be scanned.

Ultraman Club: Spokon Fight!!

Open the MAME menu with <TAB>, select the Barcode Reader and press Enter.

MAME Barcode Reader
MAME Barcode Reader

Select New Barcode: and type in a code of one of the character cards.

MAME Barcode Reader

Select Enter Code and press Enter. This will submit the code to game. Repeat this procedure every time a barcode needs to be scanned (four times on this screen).

MAME Barcode Reader
MAME Barcode Reader

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