SD Gundam: Gundam Wars

Bandai Datach SD Gundam: Gundam Wars Barcodes for MAME

SD Gundam: Gundam Wars (SDガンダム GUNDAM WARS) is the third game for the Bandai Datach. I bought it about four years ago and finally managed to sort and scan all the cards for the use in MAME.

This time, I also scanned the artwork, manual and a special card that wasn’t part of the original set. I’ll try to complete the previously released sets in the future as well:
Ultraman Club: Spokon Fight!!
Dragon Ball Z: Gekitō Tenkaichi Budokai

SD Gundam: Gundam Wars (manual)
SD Gundam: Gundam Wars (manual) – click on the image to download the full manual

Barcode cards

These are the 40 cards (+1 special) for the third Datach game, SD Gundam: Gundam Wars, sorted by the character data on manual page 22 ff. The cards contain two barcodes (EAN-13) each, one on the bottom (B) with character data and one on the top (T) with command data. They have been read with Bytescout BarCode Reader and can be used with MAME. I have tried some of the codes, but not all of them. If you find any mistakes, then please let me know.

B 0403775140252
T 0465464360068
B 0403131741079
T 0420416654671
B 0401001501112
T 0440302250565
B 0402131502024
T 0443304064666
B 0401046744055
T 0447363361032
B 0403001143149
T 0460553366228
B 0407114541014
T 0420002452667
B 0401514545108
T 0464121725370
B 0403554500147
T 0425122476371
B 0401001150105
T 0443327461770
B 0403001106151
T 0420516274656
B 0402130101068
T 0444551077331
B 0401000506156
T 0462523640710
B 0401031441006
T 0464552366074
B 0402101145572
T 0441351472243
B 0403131400075
T 0427627620136
B 0400530541019
T 0447220635665
B 0401540442532
T 0467760762065
B 0401030142010
T 0445726750448
B 0401407405045
T 0467061567000
B 0403500100568
T 0401544774318
B 0400440140142
T 0405564736646
B 0402102142020
T 0462730572521
B 0403450442138
T 0466765740016
B 0401115401056
T 0420434751369
B 0402733635151
T 0427062053452
B 0402434441006
T 0443513666064
B 0402500402160
T 0466120475669
B 0400741404172
T 0426064513261
B 0400441406148
T 0427167436709
B 0403503043008
T 0404227163515
B 0401145042557
T 0440730573106
B 0402450400513
T 0464524756476
B 0400144403109
T 0426464772275
B 0401142240062
T 0402743543040
B 0406154264044
T 0405645155656
B 0402440042532
T 0403007706119
B 9346126717639
T 9366723460578

Use in MAME

The game can be launched with this command:
mame64.exe nes -cart datach -cart2 dtc_sdgn

Skip the start screen and some menu screens.

SD Gundam: Gundam Wars
SD Gundam: Gundam Wars
SD Gundam: Gundam Wars

This is where the game expects some cards to be scanned.

SD Gundam: Gundam Wars

Open the MAME menu with <TAB>, select the Barcode Reader and press Enter. Then, select New Barcode: and type in a character code.

MAME Barcode Reader
MAME Barcode Reader

Select Enter Code and press Enter. This will submit the code to game. Repeat this procedure every time a barcode needs to be scanned (three times on this screen and three times on the next screen).

MAME Barcode Reader

Confirm the character screen and the level select screen.

SD Gundam: Gundam Wars
SD Gundam: Gundam Wars

This will start the battle. Before each round, a command code needs to be entered.

MAME Barcode Reader

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