Sega Mission Stick / Analog Mission Stick

The next Saturn peripheral on my list is the Sega Mission Stick.
This is the black US model MK-80104:

Sega Mission Stick

It has been used before but is still in a very good shape. Unfortunately it smells rather strange. Better take it apart to give it a good cleaning.

First separate the stick unit from the main unit (two screws):

Main unit separated from the stick unit Main unit separated from the stick unit

Next take apart the main unit, six screws (two screws are hidden underneath the feet next to the cable). Then unscrew two silver screws to remove the PCB:

Main unit taken apart Main unit taken apart

And now to the stick unit. The base is secured by six screws and the stick by three screws. The stick is connected to the base with big coil springs. I won’t take it further apart because I’m afraid to damage the four white painted spots underneath the stick. The spots are used by the optoelectronic sensors to track the position. You can see the two sensors for the throttle wheel in the right picture:

Stick unit taken apart Base of the stick unit and throttle wheel



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