SegaSaturn Twin-Stick

Even though I’m trying to collect as many different SegaSaturn peripherals as I can find, I successfully avoided the Twin-Stick until last week. Mainly because of its huge size and small library of supported games. Well, here it is:

SegaSaturn Twin-Stick

It supports twice as many games as the Capcom Steel Battalion Controller, that makes four games according to this thread. There is no auto-detection and therefore the Twin-Stick has to be enabled in the configuration menus (see below). The two Gundam games are good start if you never played with a twin controller before as they have a lock-on function.

1. Virtual-On – Cyber Troopers / Dennou Senki Virtual-On
The NetLink edition of this game supports long-distance fights against one opponent via NetLink modem and phone line.
Twin-Stick Virtual-On

2. Gungriffon II
This game supports short-distance fights against one opponent via the Link Cable (select “Live” in the main menu).
Twin-Stick Gungriffon II

3. Kidou Senshi Gundam Gaiden II ~Ao wo Uketsugu Mono~ (Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story 2 ~The Successor of the Blue~)
Twin-Stick Gundam Gaiden II

4. Kidou Senshi Gundam Gaiden III ~Sabakareshi Mono~ (Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story 3 ~The Judgement~)Twin-Stick Gundam Gaiden III

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