Lucienne's Quest (3DO)

Cheats for Lucienne’s Quest (3DO)

Lucienne’s Quest is the Western release of the JRPG Sword & Sorcery. It has an interesting storyline and very funny dialogues, read a full review at Hardcore Gaming 101.
The game makes heavy use of random enemy encounters. If you want to enjoy the story without being disturbed constantly then there are some cheats to ease the experience. To enable the cheats you’ll need the Game Guru disc with the advanced interface (apply the code IHAVETHEPOWER on the file GameGuru.CFG).

Three codes to enable 99999 Gold and levels 662 for Lucienne and Ago can be found in the 3DO Today Game Guru Code List v3.5. The hex editor is also needed to change one byte to reflect the number of codes applied.

With these cheats you’re stronger than the enemies. The encounters are still annoying but much easier/shorter than before. And you can buy every piece of armor right away, well at least until you find the Spirit of Purchase – buy 3-4 items from him and you’re bankrupt.

Another useful cheat has been figured out in this thread of the forum: It puts the Total Destruction Item in your item list. When selected the item kills all enemies on the screen instantly with 999 hit points. There is no Game Guru code for this item, three bytes need to be changed with the hex editor instead. If you change six bytes then you’ll receive the total destruction item an 99999 gold.

It is possible to combine all the cheats:
Start a new game, view the initial conversations and leave the house as soon as you can, then save the game.
Boot the Game Guru disc and start the hex editor. Open the save file MC_SS_J and change the following three bytes to the new values to enable the Total Destruction Item:
16 - 72
1061 - 01
2048 - c7

Next apply the three codes, one after another, to the save file:
VEEDDWWXF (99999 Gold)
ZEEDDSKXF (max level for Lucienne)
TEEDDWVWF (max level for Ago)

And finally start the hex editor again and raise the value of byte 2047 by six.

Done, enjoy the game !

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