Playing Phantasy Star / Dreamcast Online – Continued

Yesterday I erased my Dreamcast’s flash memory, hoping to get past the serial number prompt.

Day 2:

Today I dug my Dreamcast keyboard out of the basement to get things done faster. It’s an ugly grey PC style PAL-DE keyboard (HKT-7632) that reminds me every time I see it that a new, preferably JP HKT-4000, has to be bought soon…

Entering addresses with the keyboard

I’ve set everything up in the TDC browser, booted up the PSOv2 PAL disc and again, the serial number wasn’t accepted. Seems the flash reset wasn’t necessary at all, eventually I got a working number by using my good friend Google.

Connected to SCHTHACK's server
Connected to SCHTHACK’s server

Finally connected to a PSO server:

Lessons learned the last couple of days & helpful hints:

  • Use a keyboard to enter addresses and license data
  • Use a XDP compatible browser to enter BBA / ISP data
  • PSOv2 PAL discs then can connect instantly to a available server with a working serial number (or with Codebreaker, but I didn’t try that)
  • US and JP discs should be able to connect too by using Codebreaker (didn’t try that)
  • Almost no one is playing DC PSO in these days…

While doing my research I’ve found another working server, Sylverant:

Connected to Sylverant PSO server
Connected to Sylverant PSO server

That’s all for now, next up is a GameCube connecting to a PSO server…

Dreamcast VMU displaying Phantasy Star Online
Dreamcast VMU displaying Phantasy Star Online

2 thoughts on “Playing Phantasy Star / Dreamcast Online – Continued”

  1. Can you please not use ‘JAP’ as a regional abbreviation?

    This not done officially by game companies or other media companies, who use either ‘JP’ or ‘JPN’. Nor do decent people who release media use the pejorative.

    Everytime I see’ ‘JAP’ used to denote Japanese goods at a Chinese grocery store, by little kids releasing warez who might know any better, by groups releasing Japanese films, and by people like yourself, I cringe. It was a hideous insult used to demonize Japanese as subhuman monkeys and worse (FDR actually thought we were half-human and needed interbreeding (ie. rape) by white people in order to become fully human) and it is still used as an insult by people who are have anti-Japanese prejudices.

    Please stop using ‘JAP’, and use the accepted JPN or JP abbreviations instead.

  2. Thanks’ for pointing that out, I accidentally mixed up the abbreviation ‘jap.’ with the ISO 3166 country codes.
    In case you didn’t know, ‘jap.’ is the official abbreviation in my linguistic area and our countries were allies against FDR – but this is not a blog about history & linguistics and I want it to stay that way…

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