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WS Flash Masta and Neo Pocket FlashMasta / LinkMasta

Two days ago Flavor of flashmasta.com anounced the pre-presale of a new WonderSwan flash cart: The WS Flash Masta.
For all Bandai WonderSwan owners this is exiting news as the flash/development carts for this system are very rare and expensive (e.g. the official WonderWitch or the WonderMagic Color).

To give you an idea what we can expect I’ll show you some carts he has made for the Neo Geo Pocket Color:
First there was the Neo Pocket FlashMasta and the Neo Pocket LinkMasta. I’ve used the Blue Version of the LinkMasta since 2011 and bought a new red 3D printed case for it last year.

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Neo Geo X Jailbreak Hack

Five months after the v500/v500a firmware removed all homebrew capabilities, while SNK Playmore and Tommo are busy arguing about the contract they once made, finally a jailbreak hack has been released. On the Facebook page Neogeoxjailbreakhack you’ll find links to the hacked image (based on the v500a firmware), instructions and sample content for a SD card with settings for many emulated consoles and arcade systems.
Systems supported so far: Nintendo Famicom/NES, Super Famicom/SNES, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy/Game Boy Color, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, Master System/Game Gear, Atari 2600, Capcom CPS1/CPS2, Sony PlayStation, SNK Neo Geo.

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X-Card for Neo Geo X

Today I received a X-Card GOLD Pack by Neslou. The X-Card is a fool proof solution to play custom content on a Neo Geo X. This is what I got:

X-Card GOLD Pack

A Neo Geo Pocket game case containing the X-Card, a 4GB microSDHC card with adapter, an USB reader, four stickers and a signed note.

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New Arrival: Neo Geo X

A second-hand Neo Geo X was in the mail this weekend. Best thing about it is (besides beeing cheap) there are no signs of use, just some minor damage at the packing materials and some fingerprints on the glossy Screen.

Neo Geo X box   Neo Geo X inner boxes

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